James Duval


James Duval, producer for Continuum Motion Pictures love of film began in the 70s when as a boy he participated in a number of documentaries on education in Alaska. After serving as a missionary for the LDS church in the early 80s In Los Angeles he went on to own a small chain of video stores in Alaska. In 1991 he made his move to San Francisco to begin producing films.  While in the Bay Area he formed the independent production company IIE that went on to produced music videos and low budget feature films. Many of the films he produced in that early time period have gone on to find distributionthat includes VOD channel on Dish Network. James’ philosophy of “the man who makes movies is more important than the man who talks about them.” Lead to the creation of the team that ultimately became Continuum Motion Pictures.

James is one of Continuum Motion Pictures primary writers and producers. He has produced and distributed many independent films. Additionally he is consulted frequently on production inside the US and Internationally. 

James Duval is a skilled team builder capable of creating a team to build a company or a production of any budget.  He is a long term visionary who focuses on the final goal of a company.  He has used this skill to build Continuum MotionPictures  as well as assist others in building their production companies and projects. In his personal life, he is the father of two and has been married for over 20 years to his wife, Robin, who is also a creative soul and writer.

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Mano A Mano Starring James Duval
A Spanish Language Thriller directed by Danny Torres and Matthew Dyer

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